ESHRE Ferti Job Hub: A New Initiative for Employers and Job Seekers in Human Reproduction and Embryology


Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Opportunities in the Field of Reproductive Health


To streamline the process of connecting employers with qualified candidates within the human reproduction and embryology field, the ESHRE Young Talent Group (YTG) has launched an innovative initiative known as the Ferti Job Hub. This significant move underscores the commitment of the YTG and ESHRE to enhance the career prospects and support of professionals in reproductive health .

The Ferti Job Hub serves as a centralised digital resource within the ESHRE website that aims to simplify and facilitate recruitment and provide a much-needed and valuable resource for both potential employers and job seekers. This digital resource lists open job vacancies categorised according to different areas of expertise and job types. Job seekers can explore each vacancy at their own pace and share it with themselves or other colleagues via email. All ESHRE exhibitors and attendees are invited to submit their job vacancies and make them available for all to see in this ESHRE digital resource. In this way, we hope to promote and facilitate relationships between clinics, educational institutions, companies and qualified candidates, ensuring that the connections made are valuable, optimised and meaningful for all parties.

At the 40th ESHRE Annual Meeting in Amsterdam (7th-10th July 2024), the YTG will unveil the ESHRE Ferti Job Hub. Located in the ESHRE Village, the Ferti Job Hub is designed as a focal point for employment opportunities.

The Hub has a dual purpose. It provides a space for qualified professionals to actively explore employment opportunities and serves as an avenue for potential employers to advertise jobs.

The ESHRE Ferti Job Hub will have its own corner so visitors to the ESHRE Village can recognise it easily. It will feature touch screens where job seekers will find this centralised ESHRE digital resource and can identify and explore the advertised employment vacancies according to their areas of expertise and interests. All work openings will have a description that remains consistent across the job listing to ease the searching and application process.

The call to submit job vacancies will open next week via an online form submission. All ESHRE exhibitors and attendees are invited to submit their job vacancies. To ensure the quality and relevance of job postings, the initiative is supervised to guarantee that the offers are suitable for the ESHRE’s specialised audience.   

For employers: Prepare your proposals of the job vacancies you may currently have available and contact ESHRE’s communication manager at to share your interest and learn how to submit them to the digital resource.  

For job seekers: Make sure you CV, cover letters and research overviews are updated and ready to be shared with interesting opportunities. Don’t miss out on potentially finding your next adventure and visit the Ferti Job Hub at the ESHRE Village in Amsterdam.

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