EU regulation of clinical practice


European regulation in ART still lags behind clinical progress

A Campus meeting in October covered a broad range of subjects each aiming to ensure a high-standard framework for ART. Among them was the EU's regulation of clinical practice and its systems of reprovigilance.


Male infertility associated with raised risk of prostate cancer in large cohort study

A comprehensive registry study from Sweden involving more than 1.2 million fathers links a significantly higher risk of prostate cancer to male subfertility - but not to ICSI and IVF treatment.


One in six couples conceive spontaneously after unsuccessful ART

A cohort study which followed-up more than 2000 IVF patients in a single fertility centre found that 17% conceived spontaneously after unsuccessful ART and 15% after successful treatment.


Another step forward for HROpen: all papers now searchable in PubMed index

Indexing of ESHRE's open access journal after only two years of publication is seen not just as 'empirical proof of our existence', but also as a key step on the way to an impact factor.


Quality management systems in ART are not just about compliance and legislation

A well attended Campus meeting in October heard that quality standards in an IVF centre - on embryo culture, traceability, risk management and evidence-based practice - depend on multiple factors, from the laboratory environment to the application of guidelines.


Neonatal colonisation of bacteria affected by caesarean section

Findings from the largest ever study of the newborn microbiome offer the strongest evidence yet that children delivered vaginally carry different microbes from those delivered by caesarean section.


The epigenetic signature of ART fades away in adulthood

A longitudinal cohort study has found that the majority of epigenetic changes found in neonates and attributed to ART seem to be resolved later in life.

Aneuploidy testing

Large RCT finds no improvement in pregnancy rate from PGT-A

The recently published STAR trial with more than 600 subjects randomised fails to find any overall outcome benefit from PGT-A with next-generation sequencing in good prognosis patients.


Non-invasive PGT-A: many questions remain before clinical application

More than 170 registrants attended a wide-ranging Campus meeting on the established and emerging techniques of aneuploidy testing and on the latest developments in genomic editing and mitochondrial transfer.


Ambient air pollution found unrelated to IVF outcomes

A cohort study involving more than 250,000 IVF cycles has found no correlation between treatment outcomes and low daily ambient levels of particulate matter and ozone.