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“I want to help the European Union realise its potential”

ESHRE is a member of the BioMed Alliance, a European umbrella organisation for medical societies. FoR spoke to Professor Elizabeth Macintyre, the current president of the BioMed Alliance, about the organisation’s aims and activities.

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Authors of a cohort study say don’t use ICSI for non-male factor infertility in PGT-A

No significant differences found in rates of embryos suitable for transfer and live birth rates between conventional IVF and ICSI in non-male factor cycles undergoing PGT-A.

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Poor-quality blastocysts result in lower live birth rate – but do not lead to more adverse perinatal outcomes

Observational study of more than 10,000 women shows that the transfer of low-quality blastocysts isn’t associated with a higher risk of adverse birth outcomes. While the live birth rate (LBR) is lower, it is still ‘reasonable’ according to the authors.



Progress on the EuMAR project presented at recent stakeholder event

The European monitoring of Medically Assisted Reproduction (EuMAR) project, which aims to establish a European cycle-by-cycle registry of MAR treatments, has concluded its first year. More than 80 stakeholders recently came together in Brussels to discuss the progress made so far, challenges encountered and next steps.

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Exploring why ovarian stimulation with highly purified HMG leads to lower serum progesterone than recombinant FSH

Difference in progesterone concentrations is independent of ovarian response and is explained by the treatments promoting different pathways of follicular steroidogenesis, say authors of RCT.



ESHRE 2024 Abstract submissions

The opportunity to present your work at an international conference is a key part of research. And what better conference to do this at than the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s (ESHRE) annual meeting, ESHRE 2024.

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Changing the public perception of human embryology

A recent opinion article published in Nature Cell Biology underscores advancements in stem cell-derived embryo models that have enabled research in human embryology. For this progress to continue, rigorous experimentation is required along with a robust ethical framework and effective public communication to achieve societal support.

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New data show infertility cases related to PCOS have more than doubled over two decades

First study to investigate burden of infertility attributable to PCOS shows sharp rise in prevalence globally and regionally. More than 12 million women affected globally in 2019 compared with 6m in 1990. Weight control should be used to mitigate against this trend, say authors.

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Factoring genetics in the management of implantation and early pregnancy

A campus about the applications of knowledge from the pre-conceptional to gestational period and long-term implications of genetic testing. This course addressed the challenges in identifying disease-causing genes and molecular diagnostics in reproductive medicine.



BMI in the range of 23 to 24.99 kg/m2 is linked with highest chance of clinical pregnancy and live birth

Large cohort study based on SART data finds that women with a BMI outside this ‘ideal’ range are less likely to have a live birth; and those aged over 40 have a lower clinical pregnancy rate despite PGT-A testing.

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