Record highs for the ESHRE journals

Published 25 June 2019

Three ESHRE journals maintained their place of influence in Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in the latest round of impact factor announcements.

Three ESHRE journals, Human Reproduction, Human Reproduction Update and Molecular Human Reproduction, once again achieved stellar impact factors in the latest results announced just days ahead of this year's Annual Meeting. Leading the way, with a record impact factor of 12.878 and way ahead of any other titles in the categories of O&G and Reproductive Biology, is Update, whose editor-in-chief Arne Sunde described the results as 'remarkable'. 'It's a tribute to our former editors and our determined policy of publishing thorough reviews on topics of real clinical interest,' said Sunde.

ESHRE's flagship journal, Human Reproduction, now in its 35th year after launch at ESHRE's first Annual Meeting in 1984, was given an impact factor of 5.506, placing second behind Update in the categories of Reproductive Biology and fourth in O&G (behind Update, the AMJOG and Ultrasound). In Reproductive Biology ESHRE's third title, Molecular Human Reproduction, held its place of influence with an impact factor of 3.396. Its new editor, cell biologist Keith Jones, who took over from reproductive biologist Chris Barratt at the end of 2018, said the impact factors reflect the place of basic science in reproduction today and the quality of papers now submitted to MHR. Both MHR and Update were originally established by Robert Edwards, the founding editor of Human Reproduction, to siphon off review and basic science papers from the main journal, yet they now both exist as standard bearers in their own right. Indeed, the three ESHRE titles now figure in the Journal Citation Report's top four titles in Reproductive Biology (with Fertility and Sterility in third spot).

Nils Lambalk, who took over as editor-in-chief of Human Reproduction in January this year, paid tribute to his predecessor Hans Evers for the remarkable 10% rise in impact factor. 'We've seen a consistent rise in the quality of papers over the past few years, and this is now evident in the latest impact factors. How high can we go? The journal certainly has a momentum now and we'll certainly continue our aim to set standards in the quality of work we publish. What is now beyond doubt is the firmly established place of reproductive medicine within the many disciplines of medical research.'

The latest impact factors in the two categories are:

Reproductive biology

 Human Reproduction Update    12.878 
 Human Reproduction       5.506
 Fertility and Sterility     5.411
 Molecular Human Reproduction    3.396
 Reproductive Toxicology  3.2
 Reproduction                       3.125
 Am J Reprod Toxicology    3.091
 Plant Reproduction   2.976
 Biology of Reproduction   2.96
 Reprod Biomed Online        2.93

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Human Reproduction Update    12.878 
Am J Obstet Gynecol      6.12
 Ultrasound                         5.595
 Human Reproduction     5.506
 Fertility and Sterility     5.411
 BJOG                               5.193
 Obstet Gynecol       4.965
 Gynecol Oncol       4.393
 Maturitas                          3.654
 Breast  3.494

Human Reproduction Open
, the newest journal from ESHRE, does not yet have an impact factor. Since launch in 2017, ESHRE's open access journal has published a broad range of research, with all papers available for free online at any time.