Another step forward for HROpen: all papers now searchable in PubMed index

Published 19 September 2019

Indexing of ESHRE's open access journal after only two years of publication is seen not just as 'empirical proof of our existence', but also as a key step on the way to an impact factor.

HROpen, ESHRE's open access journal, is now indexed in PubMed Central, which means that all papers published since the journal's introduction more than two years ago have been retrospectively recognised and are now searchable in PubMed. PubMed indexing, said HROpen's editor Siladitya Bhattacharya, 'is a key milestone for discoverability for readers who rely on PubMed for their day-to-day literature searches'.

That 'key milestone', of course, is also a step on the way to an impact factor, which, Bhattacharya reports, may next come a little closer with further indexing in other major databases.(1) Nevertheless, an impact factor will essentially depend 'on how well our papers are cited by the academic community'. So far, he adds, the signs are encouraging, especially so for a journal which is only two years old and whose editorial policy has a broad aim of clinical relevance and improved patient care - and not merely of scientific novelty. The journal's most cited papers so far include reviews, primary research and protocols. Open access, notes Bhattacharya, 'has allowed us to venture beyond the academic community and encourage a wider community of stakeholders to engage with published research and make informed decisions about health care'. The most cited paper was published last year, a report from a US cohort study of environmental chemical exposure and reproductive outcome.(2)

Thus, while open access has allowed HROpen to make 'science accessible', PubMed indexing now provides 'empirical proof of our existence' and a further access route for readers - which in turn will encourage more citations and further proximity to an impact factor.

HROpen thus stands as a fully fledged member of the ESHRE family of journals, whose titles have already set ever-rising standards in their impact factors - Human Reproduction Update now at a remarkable 12.978, Human Reproduction at 5.506, and Molecular Human Reproduction at 3.396. Indexing by PubMed is a further mark of HROpen's progress and a step closer to its own impact factor.

1. Bhattacharya S, Somigliana E. 'I am indexed, therefore I am'. Hum Reprod Open 2019; doi:10.1093/hropen/hoz022.

2. Meserlian CV, Williams PL, Ford JB, et al. The Environment and Reproductive Health (EARTH) Study: a prospective preconception cohort. Hum Reprod Open 2018;

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